• Lonny Balderston Time's Awasting CD
    12 Rockin' tracks of Original Music! Available now.
  • Time's Awastin'
  • Crusing Hiway 1
  • Meet Henry At The Bar
  • Who Will You Touch
  • I Just Wanna Play Guitar
  • I Don't Like You
  • Blue Sky Rain
  • The King
  • It Ain't So Easy
  • Beer
  • Pipes
  • Our Father
About Lonny

Lonny Balderston bowing his guitar.

A Santa Barbara California native, Lonny Balderston is a life-long musician. Classically trained as a child, Balderston studied cello, piano, flute, and later began playing mandolin. Coming of age, Balderston began playing guitar. Lonny Balderston studied with Russ Doherty in the seventies, Bill Thrasher in the eighties, and Derol Caraco in the nineties. Balderston played in various bands during the 80s and 90s, then went solo acoustic, performing at Pubs. In the 00s, Balderston pursued a quest for the ultimate electric guitar tone, acquiring a unique and soulful guitar voice, and was touched by his songwriting Muse, all of which can be heard in Balderston’s debut album, “Time’s Awastin'”. Long time musician friends Tim Bryson and Joe Dean played drums and bass (respectively) for the recording, and Bryson did the initial recording and the subsequent mix, while Balderston recorded the vocals and overlays. “Time’s Awastin'” production exceeded 4 years.


The Songs