Song Spotlight

Cruising Hiway 1

Cruising Hiway 1 (Excerpt)

Smooth the troubled waters.

There’s a stretch of Highway 1, Rincon Highway, from Seacliff to Emma Wood State Beach. It’s totally cool to drive the nine or so miles at 35 mph, take in the sights, breathe the air, maybe stop and watch the sea. Maybe a squadron of pelicans will soar down the coastline. Maybe the Amtrak will roar through. Anyways, it is a magical spot. Especially when you just lost your best friend.

The picture inside the CD wallet is Henry at sunset at Hobson County Park, Rincon Highway.

This tune features two lead guitars, one a Strat, the other a Tele. In the second half of the solo,
3 guitars pick single notes to form backing chords. This tune is driven by Joe’s pulsing bass line.
Joe, then Tim, fake out the listener as the song resumes after the solo, like an engine coughing
back to life.
Cruising along Hiway 1
Top down, eyes closed, digging the sun
Sticky sea mist, breathe the heavy air
All this trouble in the world, don’t really care

Totally digging cruising Hiway 1
Nothing really matters, only what you’re on
Totally digging cruising Hiway 1
If you got a problem, let it turn you on, yeah, yeah, yeah

Cruising along Hiway 1
Drink pink lemonade, stare at the sun
Big Stick color sunset, Jonathan above
Edge of the World, Rincon in my blood

Lyrics: (c) 2007 Mahlon Balderston