Song Spotlight

Who Will You Touch

Who Will You Touch (Excerpt)

Introspection; what will you do?

Dr. Harold Dunn, family friend, took me aside and told me that it was important to make a difference while we’re here on this earth. He certainly lived his own advice, and I’m sure thousands of his students and choir members would agree. Hallelujah!

This tune features bowed guitar and Tim’s electric piano accompaniment and solo by 4 Blockflöten (recorders).
At the end of the solo, the Blockflöten fly away.

What do you see
What do you feel
What do you know
Who will you touch

What will you do
Where will you stand
How will you know
Where will you land

How will you know your Life has meaning
How will you know you’re really here

Lyrics: (c) 2007 Mahlon Balderston