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I Just Wanna Play Guitar

I Just Wanna Play Guitar (Excerpt)

Play guitar!

Have you ever wanted to just chuck everything and do what you like to do? Well, that’s this song. Electric guitar, and lots of it.

Lead guitar was played through a stomp box that makes it twang, sometimes a lot. Lead lines are doubled in octaves. During the bridge, 2 Strats with bridge pickup selected chime in the background, while the rhythm guitar power chords roar underneath. ‘I’ll just drown in my own Tone’…
Tim’s drumming is nothing short of phenomenal, dig the extended roll into the guitar solo.

Parents want me to go to school, learn to read and write, The Golden Rule
College, fancy job, and family
Well I don’t wanna be boxed, don’t wanna be square, wanna do my own thing, grow my hair
Let it all hang out, and be free

I just wanna play guitar

Well the boss wants this, and the boss wants that, but “that” ain’t really where it’s at
Rather have some meaning on this trip
Wanna plug it in, turn it on, turn it up, play my song
Maybe I’ll even score a hit

Strat and a Marshall, Gretsch and a Vox, Casino and Vicky, how they rock
Like the Boys of Old, you got Tone
So turn it up, turn me on, play it loud, sing the song
Rock on – to the Bone

Society wants so much from me, conform and produce, hug a tree
How – many – shares do you own?
Well I’m sick of it, I’ve had enough, leave me alone, In God We Trust
I’ll just drown in my own Tone

Lyrics: (c) 2007 Mahlon Balderston