Song Spotlight

Time’s Awastin’

Time’s Awastin’ (Full Version)

Henry died.

Henry was my best friend, my brother, my attorney, the center of attention, the life of the party. Henry was larger than life. Henry was working his life away, but with a purpose – to get out of the rat race. In the meantime, cancer got him. He knew he was going to beat it. It beat him. And when the call came from Henry’s sister Disa that Henry had unexpectedly died, time stood still. I ‘saw’ the blow coming, it hit me hard in the chest, and knocked me down. Henry! Gone! Unbelievable! Lest we forget: Time’s Awastin’.

This tune opens with the doorbell ringing. Guitar is tuned to drop-D (lower string only). The drums and bass drive the song along. During the interlude, the organ appears (Tim), adding soothing sounds. It’s going to be OK… oh, no, it’s not. In the final refrain, 4 voices and the organ drive home the
message, followed two singing lead guitars. And at the end of the song, the cymbal taps, consolation.

Henry worked hard to purchase the Dream
Of endless free time, to do one’s own thing
But The Monster came on, and took Henry down
The Doctors all frown – don’t look good….

They stuck him with pins, gave him evil things
He lay in bed, fevered and red
This will make you well, like bloody hell
I think I’m gonna make it….. game over

Oh Time’s Awastin’, can’t you see
Clock’s atickin’ – time is not free
If yer gonna do it, best do it now
For Time’s Awastin’…

Up in the mountains, and down by the sea
With Mother Nature, or in the city
Do what you love, and love what you do
Alone, or with friends – to your dreams be true

Lyrics: (c) 2007 Mahlon Balderston