Guitars, Vocals, Mandolin (Blue Sky Rain), Blockflöte (Who Will You Touch), Henry’s Bass (It Ain’t So Easy), Whistle (The King): Lonny Balderston

Drums, Acoustic Guitar, Keyboards, Background Vocal (Time’s Awastin’): Tim Bryson

Bass: Joe Dean

Pipe Organ (Pipes), Vocal Coach: Mahlon E. Balderston Jr


Produced by Tim Bryson and Lonny Balderston

Recorded by Tim Bryson and Lonny Balderston

Mixed by Tim Bryson at Robert Irving Productions, Woodland Hills CA

Mastered by Paul Dugre at Paul And Mike’s Recording, Burbank CA

Artwork and layout by Joe Dean


Dedicated in loving memory to: Henry Einar Fink, Kristian Albert Thomsen, Eden Mariel Hajic, Patrick James Milliken and Dr. Harold M. Dunn


Thanks to: Tim Bryson, Joe Dean, Mahlon E. Balderston Jr, Paul Dugre, William Hill, and Our Father