Song Spotlight

The King

The King (Excerpt)

Kristian died.

August 2007 I met Greg and Hanni in Copenhagen. We took the train to Århus, and were met by Disa and Niels. They took us to their farm house/brewery, where we sat at the kitchen table enjoying their Wintercoat beer and company. Their son, Kristian, was studying in town, and would join us the following day. A knock on the door in the middle of the night. The Police. An accident.
Kristian was in the hospital. He was riding his bike home at night, in the rain, and crashed,
head-first, into a tree. Coma. Died. 4 years, almost to the day, after Henry. 25 years old.

This song features double-tracked rhythm guitars, and ‘Plastic Ono Band’ bass and drums (sparse), marching, until the final verse, when everything lets loose. Goodbye Kristian…

The King – has left the building
There will be no more show
He left, there were no long goodbyes
Silence – now all alone

The King has left the planet
He shines amongst the stars
We wish that he’d return, but he’s with
Henry, at the bar

We’ll be with him when our time has come
‘til then, we’ll mourn his passing
We love him more than he could know
A Love that’s everlasting

Good – bye Kristian
Good – bye

Lyrics: (c) 2007 Mahlon Balderston